Brother printer connected to WiFi but offline on Windows 10

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    Emilee Boone
    When your printer appears to be connected, but it is still Brother printer keeps saying offline, it could be due to the Brother status of your printer. The printer that you choose may not be the default printer, or it may be offline or not responding in the Windows 10 printer properties. Follow these steps to determine the problems.

    1. Open the Printers and Devices windows from Control Panel.
    2. Select your Brother printer, then Right-click upon it in order to launch ” See what’s printing “
    3. Then, right-click on the printer you want to use and then click “Set as default printer”.
    4. under “Set as default printer” you will be able to view your printer’s status: offline or stopped.
    5. If your Brother printer is in pause, just click “Resume printing”.
    6. Run a test print.


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